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sEpErAtE From造句

The Taiwan Straits separates Taiwan from Fujian.台湾海峡把台湾和福建隔开了.Please separate the white shirt from the colored ones.请把白衬衫与其他颜色的衬衫分开.

The patient should separate from other patients.

①for example造句:You can buy fruit here - oranges and bananas, for example. 你可以在这里买水果,例如买柑橘和香蕉.②显然你的句子里是把separate作动词的,那么其

I broke away from him and rushed out into the hall我挣脱了他,冲进了大厅.The group broke away from the Labour Party in 1932.这个团体在1932年脱离工党.Can you break away from the old habits ? 你能戒掉旧习惯吗? 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

separate from ,是两个物体(人)分开, A separates from B divide into是将一个物体分成几份,或者是将一个大的范围分成若干个小的.如 divide a room into several compartment

依次:They won the victory finally.She is my secretary.He separated the boys from the girls.He is always well behaved.Mr. Brown has been selected President of the country.

1. Man differs from beasts in that the former is able to laugh, while the latter aren't.人不同于野兽,因前者能笑,而后者却不能.2. A device that converts a property of an input

We should prevent the children from approaching the fire

1.Watch out for what you say. 说话要当心2.Protect the baby's eye from the sun.3.The child never cry unless sick.4.We have separate rooms.有问题给我发消息.


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